Yuck -Stranger Things

Back in 2009, Max Bloom and ex—band member Daniel Blumberg formed Yuck from the ashes of their teenage indie-rock band Cajun Dance Party, releasing their self-titled debut in 2011. Second LP Glow and Behold followed Blumberg’s departure in 2013, and the band have been busy recording new material since. Stranger Things is the latest studio offering from the London quartet, set for release via Mamé Records on the 26th February.

The album’s opening track ‘Hold Me Closer’, released last July, signals a stride away from the soft, shoegaze-esque sounds of 2014’s Southern Skies EP, shifting back to the band’s earlier, and somewhat louder, sound. The wailing guitar riffs and fuzzy chords are reminiscent of 90s rock, whilst Bloom’s lo-fi vocals permeate the track with poppy hooks of catchy reprises such as “I wanna be the only best friend that you have”.

The intro to ‘Only Silence’ is perhaps the catchiest on the record, with the faded sound bursting into a charismatic tune. This energy continues throughout the track, juxtaposing the sombre nature of the title track that follows. ‘Stranger Things’ is a song filled with a sense of self-loathing (note the continual repetition of “I hate myself”), regret and the emptiness that follows a lover’s departure.

All in all the hook-filled, garage pop sound of Stranger Things marks a significant shift from the shoegazing, down-tempo gaze of Glow and Behold, but after a few listens you will welcome back with open arms the scuzzy, fuzzy guitars that made their debut album so exciting to begin with


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