Post Pop: East Meets West @ Saatchi Gallery, London

Post Pop: East Meets West has been on display at the Saatchi Gallery, London since 26th November 2014. A few weeks ago I visited the exhibit and, with less than two weeks until it closes on the 3rd March 2015, I figured that now is a pretty good time to write a few words about it.

As the name suggests, the exhibition unites 250 pieces created by 110 artists from both the East (China, Taiwan and former Soviet nations) and the West (UK and US). The result is a fusion described by The Guardian writer Jonathan Jones as “beyond taste”: kitsch, trash, advertising, commercialism and cynicism from the aforementioned nations presented through six themes (Habitat, Advertising and Consumerism, Celebrity and Mass Media, Art History, Religion and Ideology and Sex and the Body).

From Sergei Shutov’s installation of hooded figures to Jeff Koons’s Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank (1985), Post Pop explores faith in the modern world, a world dominated by free markets and consumerism. In this way, the increasing interconnectedness of the world is demonstrated through the merging of cultures and values, bringing the realms of the East and West closer together than ever before. Post Pop is arguably the best collection of contemporary art currently on display in the UK, and so I urge you to visit it quickly before it is too late.


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